Security by way of a Lien

The Liberator
liberator: a person who liberates a person or place from imprisonment or oppression.person: a man or woman is always a person, a person is not always a man or woman.

  • Council tax declaration of non liable person (successfully tested)
  • Council tax notice to Magistrate's Court putting the court manager, clerk, magistrates and judges on notice such that an act of force in a civil matter is a wilful and beligerant act of terrorism (active/successfully tested/stopped liability order in 2016)
  • Council Tax Hereditament formal agreement by acquiescence (active/untested)
  • Council Tax Terrorism formal agreement by acquiescence (active/untested)
  • PCN Jurisdiction Denial (active/untested)

  • Debt enforcement agent notice requiring deed of assignment (inactive/successfully tested)
  • Credit Restart Toolkit including bank accounts, driving licence, car & insurance, utility bills and passport (inactive/successfully tested)
  • Council tax discontination of services notice (inactive/untested)
  • Credit Card discharge notices (inactive/incomplete)

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